2021. Female performer of the year 

2021. Role model of the year 

2019. Tomorrow’s athlete 

The great talent of Martine Hughes has been noticed both nationally and internationally,  she has been awarded serveral times by the Motorsport confederation of Norway

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Facts & Information


  • Startet to drive motocross at 4 years old.
  • Joined Team Norway at the age of 15
  • European champion 2019 and 2021
  • Best performance WMX 3. place
  • Moved to France at the age of 16 to become a professional motocross rider with 114 motosports Honda
  • One of the greatest motocross talent in Europe
  • Ambition to win the world championship
  • Formerly engaged in swimming, handball, football, gymnastics, parkour, downhill skiing and snoboarding – which means good physique and physical fitness.
  • Represents Elgane motorsykkel klubb and Team Norway 

Awards & Accomplishments

Black Trophy

European Champion 2021

Women 125CC

Black Trophy

Norwegian Champion 2021

Women Speedcross

Black Trophy

European Champion 2019

Women 125CC

Black Trophy

Nordic Champion 2019

Women 250CC


Martine Hughes

Born: 2005

Home: Nærbø, Rogaland, NORWAY

Sport: Motocross

Martine has an enormous competitive instinct, good psyche and very good physique. She is structured and trains purposefully towards her goal of becoming the world’s best female motocross athlete. A passionate rider since 4 years old, and was in 2020 the youngest female to be represented in the Norwegian team at 15.

Race Results

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Goals & Ambitions

Martine Hughes started her journey to stardom already at age 4 when she got her first dirtbike from her dad. Starting at a young age, she was quickly hooked on the sport and soon became involved in Elgane Motocross Club – which she still represents to this day, several years later.

Her goals and ambitions for the future are to become a big name in the Motocross industry, as well as to keep collecting rewards and victories in various races across the globe – and to eventually become the worlds best in her class. You can help us achieve those goals by following us on Social Media, and by becoming sponsors and partners to help us make the ends meet. 

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Martine Hughes catches air on motorbike